Finally, we went to a dog show with a bigger in bigger crew!

It was a great opportunity to show our young generation and these are the results of our Jacks from International Dog Show in Moszna/ Branch Opole Judged by Mrs Vija Klucniece (LV)
* Johnny Nightingale Gold – very promising Best Minor Puppy in Breed ( minor puppy class)
* Just Dancing Queen Nightingale Gold – Junior Winner/6, Best Junior in Breed, BOS, Junior Best in Show of the Day II
* Abbey Nightingale Gold – Best Bitch CWC, CACIB (1/5 open class)
* Cane Maestro Malboro – excellent (2/2 junior class), co-owner Jirina Miculkova, breeder: Svetlana Tsarik

* Nightingale Grey Bohemian Touch – excellent ( intermediate class 2/2), breeder & co-owner Jirina Miculkova


From this place, I would like to thanks my handlers for the help: Magdalena , Matt & Amelia.

Magdalena from Shunako Dog Photography makes a beautiful review.


Last but not least Francesca Scorza for letting me use her beautiful Torakiki to my Kazumi.
And Jirina Miculkova for neverending support and sharing her priceless experience.
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